Services for Individuals

Personal Planning Meetings:

Private Sessions for individuals or for couples, aimed at exploring the personal and social aspects of retirement. Directions emerge from the clients themselves, generally guided by Charting Your Personal Future’s steps of Reflect-Dream-Plan-Engage, resulting in outcomes they desire. Each session is 50 minutes in length, typically continuing for 6-10 sessions, depending on individual circumstances.

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Personal Retirement Workshops:

Half-day, full-day, and weekend workshops aimed at exploring important personal and social aspects of retirement following the Reflect-Dream-Plan-Engage steps. This is an interactive and guided experience resulting in an initial personal plan to be tried. A workbook designed especially for this experience is integral to the workshop.

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Personal Retirement Groups:

Four 2-hour weekly sessions are scheduled for 6-10 persons who are considering retirement, or for those in early retirement. Guided by the Reflect-Dream-Plan-Engage model of Charting Your Personal Future, these groups provide the enhanced benefit of comparing and contrasting experiences and ideas, all of which can be very useful in developing or in adjusting one’s retirement plan.

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