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Tailored services to fit the unique needs of a business, aimed at helping employers and employees alike prepare for impending retirements and other personnel transitions, and also how to cope with their effects.

Business Consultation & Training:

Situation Sampler #1:


John Campbell, President of the Acme Company, has been noticing that a number of his long-time employees are beginning to gray (very nicely), and he realizes that at least some of them probably will be moving soon toward retirement.

As he thinks about this situation he begins to realize that he doesn’t want his company to suddenly be left in the lurch if several employees decide to retire all around the same time.

At the same time he feels committed to these workers who have spent years at Acme and he wants to provide them with assistance in looking toward their future.

Situation Sampler #2:

BettyThe nightmare economy of today and into the near future (we hope, no longer) has punished most business sectors, including technology.

Aware that revenue no longer can support expenses, CEO Betty Morgan and her team have reached the painful decision that staff layoffs cannot be avoided.

But they anguish over how to communicate with employees about this decision, how to help them prepare and move through it, and how to support those "survivors" who will remain.

Specially tailored Business Consultation & Training can help.

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* The situation samplers are approximations of reality. Real names and stories have been disguised.